Look How Adorable this Baby is! A Butterfly Flew on Her Head and She Didn’t Seem to Notice

Butterflies lend a special touch of the beauty of nature. They have interesting ways of defending themselves from other predators. They sometimes disguise or use their ability to look like a leaf or blend into a tree to be able to hide from predators. There are a lot of species of butterflies and they are often brightly colored and they have the tendency to blend into its surrounding.

Butterflies are really amazing because of their beautiful wings. That’s why when a person says ‘you’re like a butterfly’, we always get flattered.

Just like how beautiful this baby is. This picture of this baby girl went viral online because of her adorable look. While she was at a butterfly conservatory, a large and beautiful butterfly flew on her head. It stayed there for a couple of minutes and she didn’t seem to notice its presence on top of her head.

Her parents were surprised when a big butterfly lands on their baby’s head. While she is quite unaware that there’s a beautiful butterfly on her head, her parents captured the moment.

After a few moments, the butterfly is ready to open her wings and fly. They were surprised to see its beautiful blue wings while it was still on the baby’s head.

Some say when a butterfly lands on you it has a strong and deep symbolism. It is one of the most symbolic animals regarding the power of personal transformation and growth. According to others, when you see one of them fluttering around the sky or when it lands on you, it means you will be soon undergoing some changes or ‘metamorphosis’.

This picture of the adorable baby went viral all over social media and netizens couldn’t stop swooning over her pretty large eyes and fluffy cheeks.

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