A Poor Cow’s Head was Stuck in a Tree and Look How These Two Cyclists Tried to Rescue It

Animals tend to put their head anywhere possible. Out of curiosity they usually put themselves in danger without them being aware of the consequences. It is advisable that farmers and owners should carefully watch their pets to avoid these incidents because getting your head stuck on something is a really painful and scary experience.

Recently, two cyclists never thought that they would come across the strangest incident in their lives while they are busy cycling in Necropolis, Brazil.

While on their way, the two cyclists saw a distressed cow getting his head stuck in a big tree. They were shocked when they saw the poor cow struggling with his life. In their attempt, the cyclists immediately got off their bikes and went to rescue the cowIt seems like the cow’s head was stuck in the tree for a long time. His legs were hanging up in the air while his body was twisted and he looks like he was struggling to free himself.

Another cow was trying to look worried about the other cow’s situation. It looks like he was trying to rescue his mate but he can’t do anything about it.

But they did not manage to get his head out of the tree no matter how hard they tried. Whenever they try to lift his head, his body will move like he is in pain. One attempted to move his body but it looks like the cow is too heavy to lift. After multiple attempts, they successfully removed his head from the tree.

Good thing the two cyclists filmed this moment. Later on, the video was posted in Social Media and garnered thousands of views.

What can you say about this? How did you feel when they rescued the cow? Share your thoughts and reactions below!

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