Two Men Amazingly Built Their Own Swimming Pool at the Top of a Mini House

There’s nothing like installing your own swimming pool. But have you ever thought of building it at the top of your house? You will be amazed at how these two guys built their own swimming pool without any help from other people and without using any modern tools.

A video was uploaded to a Facebook Page and it went viral all over social media. In the footage, two men tried to look for a spot wherein they will build the pool at the top of the house. It can be seen that they gathered some tree branches and trunks in the forest to be used as the house’s framework.

They also used some bamboo trunks as a roof of the small house. In order for the house to be stable, the two men covered the bamboo cuts using mud clay and waited for it to dry.

Next, they gathered some bamboo leaves and placed it on the walls of the mini house. They finished the walls by placing mud clay to make it more sturdy and waited again for it to dry.

Before they started to construct the swimming pool, they molded some mud to form into bricks. These soft bricks were then put into the flame so that it will all thicken and solidify.

After the bricks harden, they used these bricks to form the walls of the swimming pool and soon finished it with mud-clay. To make it more appealing, they painted the walls of the pool.

They soon filled the pool with clean water. As a reward for their hard work, the two men dived in and it can be seen that they enjoyed their own swimming pool.

The video garnered millions of views and thousands of shares because netizens were amazed at how these two men constructed a swimming pool on top of of the mini house.

What can you say about this? Have you ever thought of building your own pool? Share your thoughts below!

Watch the video below!

source: trendyfeed