Clever Father Picked up his Son and Moved Him to Sleep on the Floor But the Boy Outwitted his Father

Dads are special because they will do everything for their child to be able to give them the comfort and support they need. But sometimes, fathers are also playful and witty when it comes to babysitting a kid.

Just what this father did to his own son. This funny video of a smart kid who outwitted his dad went viral all over social media and garnered thousands of likes. The footage started with a scene inside the family’s bedroom. It can be seen in the video that the mom and the child are sleeping peacefully on the bed. While the father was sleeping on the floor next to the bed.

We all know how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the floor without a soft mattress on. That’s why this dad got up and switched his place with his son. Being careful not to wake him, He slowly picked up the little boy and placed him on the floor where he was originally sleeping. Then the father quickly positioned himself next to his wife and he rests while hugging his wife. The father slowly dozed off into a peaceful sleep.

But the son woke up and noticed that he was resting in a different pillow. Soon, he also realized that he wasn’t sleeping in the bed anymore. So he rolled over to his belly, got up and he tried to climb back to the bed where he initially laid.

The kid was smart enough to squeeze his body between his parents. The father was not giving in at the beginning, but the kid was very persistent. He pushed his body between the two to make them scoot over and give him a space to sleep in the bed.

It’s funny how the kid outwitted his father. This video was posted on social media and a lot of netizens reacted on it.

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