This Guy Creates Gym Equipment Just by Using Natural Resources in the Forest

We all know how expensive it is to buy gym equipment for our workout routines. But having one in your home is very convenient for your family to use. People are always lazy to workout and hit the gym but what if you have all the equipment in your house? I bet you will be fit by now!

You will be amazed how this man entirely uses trees and clay to create gym equipment that can be used later on. He creates weights and gym equipment just by using the natural resources he can get.

At the first clip of the video, this guy can be seen lifting some weights but if you will look closely the equipment is made of bamboo trunks. But you will be amazed that he is equipped with a complete gym machinery made from trunks and clay. The guy was able to create a way to have his own gym in the forest.

He creates them by digging a hole where he can put woods to set it to fire. This will his furnace to bake the clay that he will later use to mold and form into dumbbells and weights.

First, he mixes clay and molds it into round shape of different sizes. For it to work, he molds the clay into perfect sizes for it to be balanced. After such, he will bake these mud clays and will wait for it to set later on. Once the clay hardens into bricks, he then attaches this to wooden sticks to create his own dumbells and barbells.

Then he collects bamboo trunks, wooden sticks and hay to be used as his material to create gym equipment. He cuts these wooden sticks in such sizes and uses it to create sturdy equipment such as a treadmill and weight lifting equipment.

Just by using natural resources in the forest, this guy managed to create a fully working gym without spending money and having to borrow such equipment.

This is an example that we should always be practical in life and learn ways how to live by just using the natural resources available.

source: facebook