Adorable Baby Boy Looking Relaxed and Calm While Having His Hair Cut

We all expect that infants are wild, playful, sensitive, and would normally cry every minute if not getting what they like. Especially when it comes to first times, like visiting their dentists for their teeth check-ups or even having their vaccine or injection taken, babies would eventually cry and have tantrums because they are scared to do it. But eventually, when parents use to be with them, they tend to feel that they are protected in a way that makes them feel emotionally calm.

Haircuts are usually a pain for hairdressers when it comes to children and they tend to be very careful in handling such materials around the babies since they are sensitive and will move a lot to the point you need to say, “look at that car,” “you’re a big boy already,” just to distract them and make the procedure precise and controlled. It’s basically normal for them to cry in those kinds of little things.

In rare cases a baby boy was having his own haircut by using a razor but was smiling and laughing unlike some of the babies who would scream and cry in public and consumes a lot of time just to make them calm, giving them lollipops and candies just to make them stop crying.

As seen on the short video clip the boy was just sitting perfectly calm in the lap of his mother while he was having his hair cut by a razor. The boy was not even scared of the sound of the cutting material, instead, he feels ticklish while the haircutter is brushing his head.

It looks like he was enjoying his time having his haircut using a razor. At the end of the clip, he was already moving a bit but the hairdresser has done a great job in cutting the baby’s hair.

All babies are different. Some of them need rewards or bribes just to have their hair cut, but others feel relaxed and calm while the haircutter is doing his thing.

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