Funny Video of These Two Adorable Dogs Imitating a Crawling Baby!

Dogs are awesome and friendly that’s why they are called a man’s best friend. Whether they are barking continuously, begging for food, ruining your sofa, or greeting you when you get home, dogs can always put smiles on our faces. It is really calming to have a dog especially when you are alone because they can give joy to the house. You get to have your fun and your dog will be your best bud for a long time.

This adorable clip of a two Alaskan Malamutes proves that dogs are really funny and playful. In the video, it can be seen that the baby is starting to crawl on the floor and these two Alaskan Malamutes noticed it. So they also began to give their full support by imitating the crawling baby.

The names of these two Alaskan Malamutes are Brown Sugar and Rice Candy. You can see how playful and funny they are as they imitate the baby.

The mother of the baby recorded this moment as her two fluffy dogs race against each other while crawling. While the little boy looks like he has a quite tough time learning how to crawl fast on the floor, the two adorable dogs patiently wait for the baby to move. The baby even checks behind him to see how his two dogs are doing.

They all look adorable as they crawl on the floor racing with each other. It is absolutely hilarious to see how these dogs imitate the baby. It looks like the two Alaskan Malamutes miss being puppies.

The mother posted this hilarious videos on Social Media to show others that dogs and babies can be best friends too. Netizens cannot contain their happiness as they hit the like and laugh button on Facebook.

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