This Boy Got Carried Away by the Newly Wed Couple’s Kiss Where He also Accidentally Kissed this Little Girl 

A Wedding is a symbol of love and lifetime commitment, wherein a union of the couple takes place in front of God and the people who support them. One of the highlights of a wedding is the ‘kiss’ that the couple share for the first time in their married life.

Not all weddings are the same. Some are almost perfect, but some are sometimes epic. Little did we know, there are times where unexpected things happen at a wedding that we would remember for the rest of our lives.

Recently a video went viral because of it’s unexpected yet memorable scene. It all started in front of the church after the wedding ceremony was done, this wedding couple together with their bridesmaids are busy posing for their photoshoot. They were all happy for the success of the wedding but an unexpected thing happens that brought laughter to everyone.

One of the guests voluntarily took a video to capture them posing for their wedding photo. As usual, the bride and groom were at the center surrounded by their relatives and friends looking all poised and formal. In front wedding couple, there were two kids, one boy, and one girl, they were asked to be part of the photo and they were like the mini representation of the newlywed couple.

The one who is taking pictures of the group asked them to compress to fit the frame and so the kids also got closer while facing each other. The photographer ordered the two kids to cover their eyes with their hands so that the photo will look candid while the couple shares their sweet kiss. And as the photographer is about to take the picture, he then shouted ‘Kiss’ to the bride and groom and the little boy suddenly kissed the little girl and everyone was shocked.

Everyone burst into laughter at what the boy did to the little girl. He innocently thought that the photographer was referring to him to kiss the little girl. The moment was captured and it brought laughter to other guests that made it more memorable for the newlywed couple.

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