Funny Video of a Little Girl who Poured Baby Powder All Over Her GrandFather’s Face While he was Sleeping on the Couch

Kids are always unaware of what they are usually doing that’s what they need supervision and guidance on the things that they will do. It’s normal for them to just play around, dance, or speak whatever they want to and it’s up to the elders who will teach them and correct the mistakes they did whether it be fighting with her playmates or having a tantrum just to get what she wants. No matter what, children are children and we shouldn’t always blame them because they are innocent.

Even if kids are naughty and playful, sometimes you just got to laugh it out. Just like in this video wherein a kid poured his grandfather a whole bottle of powder while he was silently sleeping on the couch. The grandfather woke up coughing because of too much powder. To his surprise, he noticed his face and body is covered with baby powder. He then realized that his granddaughter did this to him.

In the video, it was evidently shown who was the suspect since her grandchild had powder all over her hands. The little girl looks confused while looking at his grandfather as she wipes away the powder she poured

The mother was shocked at what happened so she decided to take a picture and recorded a video to capture the hilarious moment. She, later on, posted it in her social media account which has garnered thousands of likes and shares. This is an example that we should always look after our children because they can do anything out of their boredom and curiosity.

Children can often be quite silly in all the things they do but they are always the ones that make us laugh. Let us be reminded that they shouldn’t be punished because sometimes the things that they do are forgivable. What matters most is that we get to enjoy the weird and fun precious moments with our kids as we also learn from them.

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