Bus Conductor Positions Himself on top of Passenger’s Seat Just to Distribute Tickets to People

Riding a bus to go in your work, school, trip and going back home is one of the most convenient ways to save. Instead of using your own private vehicle that costs a lot of maintenance whether it be in gas or machine parts, it is co-effective to use public transportation. Commuting can also be beneficial to the environment since there will be less pollution. But sometimes, waiting in long heavy traffic that gets you in trouble every morning is a hassle.

When it comes to holidays, long weekends, and vacations, people normally flock in bus stations to the point wherein everyone would get squished and be stumbled upon the bus due to unavailability of seats. But people still push through and ride just to get to their destination no matter how hot and uncomfortable it is for them. Commuters face this kind of struggles every day.

But often times, Bus conductors also face difficulties when collecting money inside the bus especially when it is jampacked with people. Just like this footage of a bus conductor struggling to collect payment and issue tickets to commuters. It can be seen that the bus is congested with people so the only way for the conductor to be able to collect money is by stepping above passengers seat for him to reach them. He was trying to reach out to the passengers who were standing the middle of the bus but there was no way he can pass through, so he eventually stepped on top of the bus chairs and trying to maintain his balance while the bus is moving.

Passengers are not the only ones who struggle every day to rush hours but also bus drivers, conductors and security guards of public transportations. This should be a moral lesson that we must always be kind to one another especially when time gets rough because we never know what kind of struggles people are facing every day.

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