Embarassing Moment of a Clumsy Lion Stumbling into the Water 

Lions have always been a symbol of strength, courage, and power. Lions are the king of the jungle, they are the most terrifying predators for the animal kingdom. They run fast and have the mightiest roar you will ever hear.

But most animals don’t get to live by their own habitat anymore and they are often captured by !llegal hunters across the world. Their skin and fur costs so much that’s why hunters track them. And because of that, there are organizations laws regarding these wild animals to be taken care of. Hence, they are most probably living in a zoo and used for amazements of educational trips for students or as a basis for experiments.

Animals who are taken care of in wildlife parks are sometimes still unaware of the artificial habitat that humans made for them. They have a hard time coping with their new home making them feel uncomfortable especially animals who learned live in the wild. Just like this video clip of a Lion falling into the waters of its home inside a zoo.

When we think about Lions we know that this is they are the mightiest and scariest animals in the world. Their acts define their own identity as the king of the jungle. I bet you can not even imagine a Lion being so clumsy?

It is rare for us to see Lions stumble and fall because we think of them as the strongest and wildest. But this video clip of a Lion proves that not all Lions are scary. Some of them are funny and experience embarrassing moments.

Two Lions can be seen walking and looking all relaxed in their shelter inside the zoo. When suddenly one of the Lion stumbled upon and fell on the water of the artificial pond inside the cage because he wasn’t looking at his direction. His companion was surprised and didn’t know what to do as he can’t pull the Lion out of the water. But eventually, the lion was able to manage himself get up.  It’s hilarious to see a clumsy Lion falling over the edge of the pond.

It’s rare to see a lion experience an embarrassing moment, especially at the zoo. The video was caught by a visitor at the zoo and uploaded it in social media which made netizens bursts into laughter after watching the epic moment of the poor Lion.

Watch the funny video below!

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