Look How Supportive This Father is As He Carries His Son and Pretends He is Spiderman

It is always exciting to dream of having superpowers like the superheroes that we idolize in movies and comic books. One of our favorite characters is our friendly neighborhood “Spiderman”. This fictional character is known for his super strength, ability to produced unlimited webs, and even crawl up the ceiling. Kids always mimic Spiderman’s move because they think this character is cool.

Even if what these kids idolize are just fictional characters, parents should still support their child’s fantasies and wildest dreams. Recently, a video clip of a little boy with his father went viral online when netizens were touched by how this father supports his son’s fantasies.

In the video, it can be seen that the little boy is wearing a complete spiderman’s costume. The only thing he needs is spiderman’s power and crawling abilities. Thanks to this dad who lifted up his kid and pretends that he has super power strength. He held him while his son starts to crawl up the ceiling like he has powers.

It’s funny to watch how these two were synchronized. The father carried his son all around the house to feel like he is the real Spiderman, while the kid acts like one.  Supporting your child’s imaginations and creativity is really important especially when the kid is at a young age because their communication and interaction skill develops at this stage. If they are being playful, let them discover things on their own. Just letting their imagination bloom and prosper, then you will find them being the real heroes someday.

It might not be visible as of now but they can achieve who they want to be when they grow up. Let these fictional heroes be their inspiration to be motivated in all the things they do.

Watch the video below!

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