This Lady is Trying to Make Hints that She is Pregnant but her Father isn’t Getting It

Getting surprises must be very overwhelming for us. It can make us feel excited, giddy and a little bit scared. Admit it or not we all love getting surprises. Just think about having a puppy for your birthday that you wanted for the last five years and finally, having it. Or just like having to surprise your mom on stepping another milestone in your life. Surprises can make our hearts race faster and it can give us a happy feeling.

But some surprises often fail at times.  Just like the video of this pregnant woman trying to announce that she’s pregnant but her father doesn’t seem to notice.

A new addition to the family is an important announcement that we all love to hear especially if it is a surprise. But this Father didn’t certainly get the message at first when her daughter tried to tell her that she’s having a baby.

At the video clip, the lady’s plan is to make hints to her father that she’s pregnant while their picture is being taken by her husband. The husband orders his father-in-law to pose in the camera like his daughter is having a baby while her daughter screams ‘I’m pregnant’. But the father thought they were just kidding so just laughed at it. When her father didn’t get the joke, the couple started to laugh out loud. Until the husband cut to the chase and finally said that her wife is really pregnant.

The father was surprised and asked her daughter why she didn’t tell him before. But she just laughs and answers, “I’m telling you now”. In the end, the father got the message and he finally got the joke. He then congratulated her daughter and happily told them how glad he came.

Extraordinary moments like this are very iconic. Sometimes a surprise can be epic that you need to get to the chase for them to understand it. This video went viral all over social media and netizens loved how funny the father is.

Watch the epic pregnancy reveal below:

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