Funny Video of a Kid who Got Impatient Waiting for His Ice Cream so He Ate the Tissue Paper Instead!

Kids can be impatient sometimes and they tend to throw tantrums by not getting what they want. Whether it be an expensive toy or food that they are not allowed to eat, kids will always sulk and cry. It’s their usual same old manner.

But instead of throwing a tantrum, this little boy who went viral online did something that made netizens laugh. This Turkish ice cream vendor trick has become a new marketing strategy for ice cream businesses in some places wherein a vendor puts a scoop of ice cream in cones and when they are ready to give it to the customer, the vendor will play tricks by not actually handing the ice cream to the customer.

This little boy was recorded buying an ice cream in a local ice cream stand. While he was getting ready to start his first lick, the vendor was teasing him by handing him the ice cream but getting it back afterward. The vendor continued to play tricks with this kid by not actually giving him the ice cream and handing him an empty cone.

After several tricks, suddenly, the kid got angry and bored with the vendor so he ate the tissue paper that was given to him while crying out loud and hugging his mom. People who are watching the boy can not help but laugh at the situation.

His mother was the one who took the ice cream since the kid seems mad for the guy who won’t let him have the ice cream that he wanted.

The vendor was just playing around with the kid and he didn’t intentionally plan to make the little boy cry. Maybe the kid was really hungry and craving for his ice cream that moment that’s why he ate the tissue paper angrily.

Since Turkish ice creams are very sticky in texture and do not fall off easily, its vendors attract customers by playing ice cream tricks with people.

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