This Filipino Seaman Went Viral After Photos of him Proposing to his Foreign Girlfriend Were Posted Online

Long distance relationship is really especially when you’re a million miles away from your partner and you can’t do anything about it but to wait. You will face challenges and problems differently because the only communication you have is thru phone call or messages that makes it really frustrating to keep up.

But this lucky man proves that love has no boundaries. Bryan is a Filipino man working at Holland American Line as Head Bar Tender. He tried to work abroad just for one reason, to be able to achieve his dream goals. But later on, he met his soulmate where he became one of the luckiest men ever.

When the photos of Bryan proposing to his girlfriend were posted online, a lot of guys went jealous and praised Bryan for doing such good work in finding his soulmate. Who would have thought that this simple guy would meet an almost perfect girlfriend?

This post went viral because it is unusual to see a Filipino guy with a Foreign girlfriend. From their looks, Bryan is just a simple-looking guy while the girl has an almost perfect body and a beautiful face.

Netizens couldn’t help but comment on how lucky he is in having a beautiful girlfriend. Some say he almost like hit the jackpot because of how stunning his girlfriend is. While others bashed him saying he should be lucky that the girl is blinded by love.

It is really heartbreaking to see how the society judges one’s appearance. Why do you think this happens? A lot of this has to do with the fact that people are generally prejudiced against those who are physically unattractive. We should stop following how the society thinks. People should start embracing all the positivity in the world because the last thing we need right now in this stressful universe is negativity and criticism.

We do hope that this beautiful couple will have a strong relationship together and that they will never have to face criticisms from people ever again. Let us all wish them all the best for their wedding to come and they may find their true happiness in each other’s arm no matter how far they are from one another.

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