This Old Man Hasn’t Taken a Bath in over 60 Years!

When people say they don’t shower every day, we usually find that weird. When we feel too tired to get up from our beds, the thought of skipping bath time occurs. And when we hear people say they didn’t shower that day, we usually find it weird. What if I tell you that there’s a guy who hasn’t taken a bath in 60 years? Would you even believe he last that long?

An 80-year-old Iranian man who lives in isolation in Dejgah village hasn’t taken a bath for 60 years. His main reason is not that he was lazy, but because cleanliness makes him unwell. For this reason, he has avoided taking a bath ever since.

His lifestyle includes sm0king animal droppings and eating the flesh of decaying bodies of porcupines. Haji’s way of living is also by drinking two gallons of water in a rusty metal can and burning his hair over the fire to get it trimmed. A lot of concerned citizens offered help to convince him to shower but this man gets angry every time. His lives in a small sleeping pod and prefers to sleep in a hole in the ground.

He also used to live a normal life in a village in Iran with his family until he began to believe that keep clean and taking a shower was ruining his health. And that’s when he finally made the serious decision to leave his family behind and live a filthier life.

Even though he knows that he is covered in a thick patina of dirt and dry skin, he doesn’t really care because for him being covered in dirt means that he is healthy. Haji is and happier and freer than the rest of mankind living in this area. However, Haji’s way of life in the pursuit of staying healthy has no medical evidence that it can make a person healthier but he seems quite contented in his way of living.

We are all entitled to live a life the way we want. Whatever you might think of him, Haji is happy with the life he has chosen for himself and no one can blame him for that. Well at this point, we can normally say that Haji prefers to be alone with the earth as one.

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