Adorable Puppies Won’t Stop Hugging Each Other After They Were Rescued

Just like humans, dogs also have emotions. They feel happy, sad, lonely and sometimes terrified. They too need to be cared for and loved by humans.

In the province of Khanh Hao, Vietnam a pair of stray puppies were rescued by a certain monk of Bao Hao Son Temple.
The two puppies were hugging each other in the street looking so weak and vulnerable when they were rescued by the monk. He brought them in the temple to where they can be safe.

The brown puppy who seemed to be the older brother continued to hug the younger black pup even after they were saved from the street. It was probably his way of comforting his little brother and assuring him that everything’s going to be fine now.

Luckily, they have each other’s back to keep them going. They are not just brothers, they are also best friends who cherish, comfort, love and take care of each other. Due to their strong bond, they were able to survive and live a new life with the help of their new owner.

Furthermore, the two puppies have a very unusual way of sitting or standing which concerned a lot of people in social media. They think that the puppies have an abnormal body posture and were probably injured. But some netizens objected that it is just their way of meditating as taught by the monk who rescued them.

Above all, these two adorable puppies deserved to live a happy life. They also deserve to love and be loved by their new owner. Hopefully, they are in good health and that they find safety in their new home and that their new owner will take really good care of them so they won’t feel terrified anymore. Well, whatever happens, they have each other’s back anyway.

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