People are Scared to Enter This House, But You Wouldn’t Even Believe the Look of Its Interior!

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” is one of the most popular English idioms which simply means that we should not judge something by its outside appearance alone. People’s eyes can be misleading. It can easily deceive us as we tend to judge something base on what our eyes can see. Because of this, we always miss the true beauty that is from the inside.

Just like this abandoned house in Ontario, Canada. It looks like a haunted house on the outside because it is completely ruined. But as you enter the house, you will be amazed by its amazing interior. No one would ever imagine that this house still has a great interior since it was abandoned.

To examine the house further, Freaktografi, an Urban explorer photographer team went to Ontario. They couldn’t believe what they saw when they did their investigation because everything inside the abandoned structure is still intact and in good condition.

A lot of furniture and musical instruments were seen in the living room. The guitar, large piano, stereo system, and even the gramophone can prove that the owner of the house simply loves music or a musician himself.
The table set in the dining area, as well as the other kitchen equipment, are perfectly organized. Even the bedrooms are also clean.

The house is also full of books which are all in good shape and are properly placed on the bookshelves. The owner must be a great reader and book lover due to his book collection.

Medicine Cabinet, drawers, mirror, perfumes, clothes, picture frames, clocks, typewriter, and other things were also seen inside the house as if someone is secretly living there.

No one knew the reason why the house was abandoned until one netizen commented on the past two years after it was posted on Facebook by Freaktography. He asked, “Interesting! Do you know why the house was left in such state? It is as if the family forgot to return to the house.”

Then the mystery was solved when Freaktography answered: “The woman who lived in the house has moved to another place to take care of her sick friend. Sadly, her friend passed away so the woman returned to her house and she was shocked to find a group of Urban photographers taking photos of her house.”

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