Meet This Girl With a Rare Condition Who Doesn’t Eat, Sleep and Feel Pain Even When Hit by a Car

A seven-year-old girl named Olivia Farnsworths is like a superhuman because she does not feel pain and hunger. She does not feel sleepy too and can even stay awake for three consecutive days. Olivia has been diagnosed with a very uncommon chromosome condition 6 deletions and was called by her doctors as the “bionic girl”.

One time, Olivia had an accident where she was dragged on the street as he was hit by a car. But she simply stood up and walked away as if nothing happened. The doctors couldn’t believe what just happened because she didn’t shed a tear at all. Her 32-year-old mother from Huddersfield, Nikki Trepak mentioned that due to her rare condition she no longer have the sense of danger. She narrated: “She got run over and dragged down the street by a car and she didn’t complain. She has been dragged about ten car lengths down the road. It was horrendous, I don’t think it’s something I will ever get over. I was screaming and all my other children were screaming as she ran out.”

But Olivia was just like, ”What’s going on?”. She didn’t feel any pain when she was hit by a car. Instead, she just got up and started walking back to her mother.

Her mother added, “Because of the impact, she should have had severe injuries. She had a tyre mark on her chest. But her only injuries were she had no skin on her toe or her hip. The doctors think what saved her from injury was she didn’t tense up.” Her mother she noticed the rare condition of Olivia when she was just 5 months old.

She quoted: “She became a really fussy eater and would have nothing but milkshakes. At the moment it’s chicken noodles. ‘She lived on butter sandwiches for about a year. She doesn’t feel hunger so I can’t threaten her like other children by saying if you don’t eat that you’ll not get this as she isn’t bothered. She also once fell badly and ripped her lip off and didn’t say anything. She had to have major plastic surgry to correct it.”

Olivia is the only person who showed the three symptoms of this rare chromosome condition called ‘6 depletion’. Having no feeling of pain, Olivia didn’t notice that she already bit her lower lips. She was so prone to danger because of her condition for she wouldn’t know that she’s already hurt as she does not feel pain. So her mother wanted to raise awareness about chromosome 6 problems.

She added: “She head-butted, punched and kicked me and can sometimes have outbursts of swearing which can be embarrassing if we’re out in public. It happened in the park the other week and people were wondering what’s going on. They don’t know what’s wrong. This is why I want to raise awareness or chromosome 6 problems. To look at Olivia you don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

Because of this rare condition, a chromosome disorder support group supported Ms. Trepak, a mother of five. Olivia’s case is very rare because out of 15,000 chromosome disorder, only 100 has ‘6p’. And according to a former research biologist, chief executive Dr. Beverly Searle, Olivia is the only one in the world who has this kind of chromosome condition.

She said: “There may not be anybody out there the same as Olivia. You can’t treat chromosome disorders but what we can do is alleviate the symptoms. We try to find matches and provide information for families, which can be great for friendship and local support.”

“Olivia doesn’t feel hunger but has been conditioned to eat. She is usually a happy child but can occasionally suffer from violent outburst” Ms. Trepak said. Despite her condition, Olivia is a happy child and hopefully, she grows up healthy.

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