Parents Were Shocked After Their 2-Year-Old Kid Shredded Their Savings More Than $1, 000

Money is one of the most important things in life because, without it, we can not buy our needs and pay our bills. But what would you do if you lose your hard earned money? Well, this happened unexpectedly to a couple from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ben and Jackie Belnap were doing their regular household chores with the help of their 2-year-old son when a disastrous event occurred.

The couple has been saving up money to pay Ben’s parents for the football season tickets which are quite expensive. Unfortunately, the 2-year-old boy, Leon, accidentally shredded all the money when he was assigned to shred all the junk mails. The little kid thought that it was also a piece of junk so he shredded it to pieces.

The money was placed inside an envelope and was kept in a file cabinet. When the time has come to pay Ben’s parents they took it out of the cabinet and placed it on the counter.

Ben and Jackie were confused where the money went as it suddenly disappeared from where they placed it. Later on, Ben posted in twitter and shared what happened:

“So me and my wife had been saving up to pay for our @Utah_Football tickets in cash. “We pulled our money out yesterday to pay my mom for the season… Well, we couldn’t find the envelope until my wife checked the shredder. Yup. My 2 year old kid shredded $1060.”

After they found out where the money went, Ben immediately talked to the US Treasury’s Mutilated Currency Division. Luckily, they were informed that they can still recover the money that was shredded by their son.

He quoted:

“I called the guy the next morning and he said, ‘Oh, we might be able to help you here,’ and I was shocked. He said, ‘ Bag it up in little ziplock bags., mail it to D.C., and in one to two years, you’ll get your money back”.

Despite the incident, they are still fortunate because they can still get the money in full amount. And 1 or 2 years is not that long if you have the patience.

Well, what happened is a reminder to everyone to always keep all the important things in a safe place especially when you have toddlers around.

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