People Thought That This Old Lady has a Mental Disorder, But They Were Wrong When a Netizen Found Out Something Inspiring After Approaching the Lady

They say that a mother is the one who is still there when everyone has deserted you. Because a mother’s love is so great. It is endless and has no boundaries. Mother’s will be the one who will support and comfort us at times we need them the most.

A mother in Negros islands proved just how much she loved her daughter. She travelled from one city to another while wearing layers of clothes. She seemed like a homeless person because of her appearance. Despite the weather, she was wearing sweaters. She was also carrying a lot of things placed in plastic bags and was traveling with her dog.

Many people thought that she has a mental disorder because of her ragged appearance. So the people who saw her didn’t bother to talk to this old lady. While she was wandering around the city of San Jose which is 17 km away from Dumaguete City, she caught the attention of a netizen who took a photo of her. The next day she was spotted in Amlan Town which gave a hint to the netizen that she is not just roaming around.

The netizen guessed that this mother will soon be traveling to another town. So the netizen immediately talked to her father who lives in Tanjan City. Her guess was right because her father was able to see the old lady in the said town.

The netizen’s father approached her and talked to her. He was able to uncover the story as to why the old lady is traveling from city to city. He found out that this old lady is heading to Bacolod City to find her daughter who has been missing for quite some time now.

Her pictures were posted on social media and have gone viral as many netizens were touched by her story. Her efforts to travel around just to find her daughter truly proves just how much she would do to be with her again. Indeed, a mother is willing to do everything for her child even if she needs to climb mountains, cross the sea and get tired.

So we should treasures our mothers and love them. Hopefully, she finds her daughter soon.

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