Wow! This is How Cheska Garcia-Kramer Treat Her ‘Kasambahays’

Not every employer find it in their hearts to show kindness and appreciation for their helpers and maids. But some still know how to treat their employees with the right amount of respect and appreciation.

Just like how actress Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Family ‘Team’ Kramer treats their household helpers at home. Recently, Cheska Garcia-Kramer drew the attention of netizens after posting a revelation about their ‘kasambahays’ on Instagram. This shows how kind-hearted the actress is.

Cheska revealed that she enrolled her kasambahays in SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig. She also calls her ‘kasambahays’ as her ‘Angels’. This gained attention from Netizens and praised Cheska for her appreciation and kindness.

Her househelpers are the ones who keep her house nice and clean. They also take care of her three kids. In some of her live stream videos and Instagram posts, it can be seen that they treat her helpers like they are family.

She sets a good example on how to be better employers. Netizens were all praises for their good heat and respect towards their Kasambahay.

Cheska posted a photo with her helpers and captioned, “One day our kasambahays will also want to retire but I don’t want their years of service to ever go to waste. When that day comes I want them to see and feel that their years of loyalty to our family was all worth it. The days away from their families have paid off because they were able to save and we were able to prepare them for their future. We got all of them their SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig.”

Her kind gesture did not go unnoticed as Cheska’s post has already garnered thousands of likes and counting. A lot of netizens praised her for supporting her house helpers retirement plan. Cheska also praises and thanks her Kasambahays for always helping them for their daily routine with the kids.

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