You Will be Amazed How These Rocks Glow and Turns Blue at Night Because of These Sea Creatures!

Every country is blessed with natural resources and beautiful sceneries. They possess different tourist attractions which can easily captivate the hearts of many people.

For instance, in Okayama, Japan a hidden treasure was spotted. Its coast turns into an amazing scenery at night as boulders are covered by royal blue light. Hundreds of bio-luminescent shrimps surrounded the boulders which resulted in a beautiful art of nature.

To protect themselves from predators, these tiny creatures produces light as their camouflage since they reside in a shoal sea water. Because of the light they create, they are also known as the “sea fireflies”. Talented photographers Trevor Williams and Jonathan Galione of Tdub Photo took a series of pictures of the said coast in Okayama and named it “The Weeping stones.”

In order to get an amazing shot, they creatively attracted the tiny sea creatures to climb the rocks. They used raw bacon to lure the shrimps which was a brilliant idea as they don’t usually climb rocks.

Normally, the light that these sea fireflies produce is very soft as they stay in the water with 3 mm length. But if they are grouped together in the water they give a breathtaking view.

To successfully take a great shot, Trevor and Jonathan had to pour water into these little creatures as they don’t normally spark when they are out of the water.
Though it was a long process, it was fulfilling and satisfying. Well, an art that is made by nature is truly astounding.

If you want to see more of Trevor and Jonathan amazing photos, you can visit their Instagram and Facebook account as well as their website They also have a series of glowing mushrooms are featured on their website.
Truly, the world is gifted with beautiful sceneries. We just have to take really really good care of it.

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source: tdubphoto

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