This Oldest Paris Canal Was Drained For the First Time and Strange Objects Were Found

Paris is known to have lots of canals which makes the city unique and beautiful. Some canals had become a historical place because of memorable events that have happened there and because of the famous people who have built these canals.

The Canal of St. Martin was one of the oldest and famous waterways in Paris which was built by none other than the famous Napoleon to provide fresh water throughout the city.

A lot of people have built their houses near the canal and this place has become popular to tourist and locals because of its lively night life. Because of this growth in population, the government have ordered to drain and clean the canal every 10-15 years.

A lot of rubbish was found the last time it was cleaned in 2001. In 2015, they drained again the canal and found unusual objects aside from lots of fish. They started to drain the canal leaving 50 cm water and to their surprise, they have found 4.5 tons of trout, carp and beam which seems to stay in the canal for a long period of time and made it their home.

Residents have watched how the men have gathered fish from the water and carefully putting them in plastic bin. The men in-charged with cleaning the canal took them three days to fully drain it until no water was left and they found thousands of artifacts in the muddy old canal.

Some of the things they found are: bicycles, wine bottles, old camera, radio, scooter, and even a pistol! Could you imagine that? It only mean that this canal have been an open trash bin for people who are passing by.

Maybe a tourist is taking up pictures and the camera slip on his hand making it fall on the water and they were not able to retrieve it. Maybe a driver riding a motorcyle fell in the canal and he was not able to lift his motorcycle up. Or maybe those thousands of wine bottles might have come from people who enjoyed the night life that instead of just leaving the bottle on the street they prefer to throw it away in the canal water.

Because of this event, an awareness campaign was raised by the government even in social media to remind everyone how it will affect their environment and home. If not drained, the canal might cause flood in the streets and the water will not flow properly.

“If everyone mucks in and avoids throwing anything in the water, we might be able to swim in the canal in a few years, as in numerous other European cities,” said Celia Bauel, the deputy mayor.


source: goodtimes

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