Dating mga Sikat na Artista sa Showbiz, Mas Pinili na ang Ganitong Buhay Ngayon!

Through the years, there were celebrities who chose to stay away from the spotlight for good to live their normal lives. Not all actors and singers stay in the Showbiz industry al their life. Some of them decide to change careers and pursue a different way of life.

Despite the fame and fortune, these celebrities decided to trade the script and the camera for regular 9-to-5 jobs.

1. Princess Punzalan

Princess Punzalan was known for her “Mula Sa Puso” tv series where she portrayed the role of an antagonist, Sellina Pereira Matias which made her bag the PMPC Star Awards for TV’s Best Drama Actress in 1998.

Princess in real life shared in an interview with Rhea Santos in ‘Tunay Na Buhay’ that she is now working as a registered nurse in the United States. But before that, she experienced working in a restaurant.

2. Makisig Morales

The former ‘Super Inggo’ star and singer Makisig Morales now resides in Australia. He now works at a fast food chain while studying to become a chef.

3. Serena Dalrymple

Former Child Syar Serena Dalrymple, who was known for her “Isa pang chicken joy” ad and her roles in dramatic and comedic movies, is now a successful corporate professional in New York City. According to her LinkedIn profile, Serena is now a manager at Viacom, a leading global entertainment content company in New York. She was promoted in 2016 to her current position.

4. Chantal Umali

Chantal Umali has gone a long way from her “Goodbye Carlo” hotdog commercial in the early ’90s. The former child star is now a mother and yoga instructor looks better than ever.

5. Kim de Los Santos

After she left her showbiz career and her split with his former husband Dino Guevarra, Kim worked as a junior nurse in a dialysis clinic in New Jersey.

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