Sila ang mga Pinaka Hottest Celebrity Moms na may Mala-Dalagang Hubog ng Katawan!

Supermoms are excellent examples of strong, empowered women. Being a mom can bring a lot of changes to a woman. Aside from ecperiencing certains ymtoms and weight gain. Still, sthe ste of pregnanct and giving birth afterwards, don’t seem to affect the beauty of some celebrity moms.

Here’s a list of the most Hottest Filipona Celebrity Moms who are even more radiant than before.
1. Ina Reymundo

his is how former ‘sexy star’ Ina Raymundo referred to her strecth marks in a recent Instagram post that inspired followers, who, like her, remain proud of their bodies and still strive to keep fit even after giving birth. Ina is 35 years old and has five children with her Canadian Husband, Brian Potumak.

2. Kristine Hermosa

Kristines a former Kapamilya Primetime TV star best known for playing the role of Yna. She went out of showbiz industry to focus more on family with husband Oyo Boy Sotto. Kristine has maintained her body after giving birth to her 3 children.

3. Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine who is now 37, has three beautiful daughters with her estraned husband, actor Cesar Montano. Sunshine has proved that she is a truly hot momma!

4. Sarah Lahbati

Sarah is a Swiss-Filipino actress who gained popularity after becoming a finalist in the 5th season of GMA’s realtity TV search show Starstruck. Hot momma Sarah Lahbati shares her workout routines and has been spilling the beans on the fitness regimesn that has helped her become one of the hottest mother in showbiz.

5. Andi Manzano

  Andi is a Pinoy radio jock, television host and actress. In her Instagram account, Andi is a full time mom to her adorable daughter, Olivia Manzano-Reyes.

6. Cristine Reyes

Christine is a Filipina actress who entered showbiz by becoming a contestan on the GMA Reality TV show, Starstruck. Cristine has totally let go of her sexy image as she makes her magazine as a real-life mother. The former star has a cute daughter named Amara.

7. Toni Gonzaga

‘PBB’ host and Actress Toni Gonzaga flaunts her summer body while taking a much deserve vacation in Siargio with her family. Toni regained her figure in just months and even flaunted it at the beach.

8. Cheska Kramer

The mother of famous #TeamKramer is no other than Cheska Garcia-Kramer. They are often tagged as ‘goals’ too by families in social media because of their irresistably cute daugters and son. Cheska has maintained her physique despite the number of her kids.