Here’s the Reason Why Everyone Is Prohibited To Swim In Hinatuan “Enchanted” River In The Philippines Every 12 Noon

Did you know that there is such thing as ‘Enchanted River’ situated at Surigao del Sur in the Philippines? Found in Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan Enchanted River is now getting a lot of attention for its deep spring river that flows towards the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

The river was once referred to as “enchanted” by Diplomat Modesto Farolan in his poem entitled Rio Encantado.

In 1999, a man named Alex Santos found the Hinatuan River, eleven years after its exploration. A below ground river was discovered by 3 scuba divers known Dr. Alfonso Amores in February 2010. He explored the river below ground cavern opening that has 30 meters deep.

Dr. Amores had a heart att@ck last June 17, 2014, after he cannot swim the small entryway of the undersea cavern. He experienced cardiovascular d!sease while swimming the 40-meter-deep passage.

In March 2015, among the scuba divers that check out the captivated river with Dr. Amore, Bernil Gastardo launched to explore it once more along with the University of San Carlos-Biology department as well as DENR-BMB.

There are a lot of urban myths and misconceptions about the Enchanted River due to Hinatuan River’s amazing colors and undiscovered midsts. Some stated that fairies are the ones behind the enchanting colors the river with a combination of jade and sapphire hues. Others also claim that ‘engkatos’ are surviving the stated area that is why it looks so beautiful.

If you are planning to take an excursion in the Hinatuan Enchanted River, you need to remember that the area is shut to the public at 12 noon daily. Not as a result of any types of routines, however due to the fact that this is the feeding time for hundreds of fish living in such stunning body of water.

The one feeding the fishes is supposed to play the Hymn of Hinatuan to obtain the interest of the fishes.

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