This the Luxurious and Classic House of Toni and Alex Gonzaga in Taytay Rizal

The famous Celebrity Sisters, Toni and Alex Gonzaga showed their ‘classic’ family home in Taytay Rizal.

In 2005, Toni and Alex along with their parents, Daddy Bonoy and Mommy Pinty bought four 150 sqm lots bordered by two streets. In 2006, they were able to build their four-bedroom dream house after saving their money. A few years later, they were able to invest in another part of their house on another 600 sqm lot.

Look Inside the Luxurious house of Toni and Alex:

1. Living Room

The Living Room is fully furnished with a fully upholstered three seater sofa where they entertain their guests.

2. Dining Area

Mommy Pinty decided to turn the old dirty kitchen into a separate kitchen and dining area that they can use for family gatherings. The are is really spacious for parties.

3. Kitchen Area

The kitchen has been renovated when they invested an extension of their family home. The kitchen has a Victorian vibe with white counter tops and wooden cabinets that adds a more sophisticated look.

4. Entertainment Room

The extension of the family house has an entertainment room where the family can watch movies and TV shows together. Toni adds an electronic keyboard behind the sofa because she wants to learn how to play the Piano.

5. Toni’s Classic Bedroom

Toni’s bedroom has an old-fashioned look to match the Victorian Style of the three-storey home. She chose furniture pieces in light and soothing shades for a more youthful feel.

6. Toni’s Walk-in Closet

The sisters had more than enough space for their own walk-in closets. Daddy Bonoy used to be a contractor, he was able to create spacious walk-in closets that most women could only dream about.

7. Toni’s Bathroom

Her bathroom is completed with a glass-enclosed shower area and a Whirlpool baththub. It also has a frameless bathroom mirror and a spotless white counter for a more clean and streamlined look.

8. Alex’s Bedroom

Alex’s bedroom bears a resemblance to Toni’s bedroom. However, Alex’s private haven has more soft pink hues and floral pints.

9. Alex’s Walk-in Closet

Alex’s walk-in closet is filled with more colorful clothes and a pink ottoman in the middle of the spacious area.

10. Alex’s Bathroom

Alex’s bathroom has light cream, pale pink and floral print tiles. The center of attention in Alex’s Baththub is the old-fashioned clawfoot bathtub that gives a romantic feel.

11. Pool

The family can also enjoy a quick dip in their outdoor swimming pool.

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