Check Out the Gorgeous Daughters of These Famous Celebrity Couples

Celebrity couples are loved by people because of their chemistry and their talent to make the audience fall in love with the scene. That is why their fans are also anticipating that these celebrity couple will get married and have gorgeous kids.

Here are some celebrity daughters that have gorgeous looks just like their parents:

1. Kaila Estrada – daughter of Janice de Belen and John Estrada. She has been into modeling since she was 16 until the present and have confirmed the press that she doesn’t want to became an actress.

2. Alyssa Gibbs – daughter of the country’s “King of Soul” Janno Gibbs and actress Bing Loyzaga. When she was a little girl, she joined her parents in some films. Her first movie was in 1996, a family comedy film titled, “Hindi Ako Ander, Itanong Mo Kay Kumander.” She was now engaged to her boyfriend named Anton Cruz.

3. Claudia Barretto – daughter of actress Marjorie Barretto and comedian Dennis Padilla . She proves the people that she is not just a pretty face buy she also got talents. Claudia is doing her best and performs will in her choosen career which is singing.

4. Sophia Gonzales Romualdez -daughter of former actress, Cristina Gonzales and politician Alfred Romualdez. She chooses to perform as a singer instead of being an actress like her Mom. Actually she just released her new single “Thinking of U” under Viva Artist Agency.

5. Juliana Ma. Beatrice Gomez – daughter of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres. She is expected by many to become an actress just like her parents but for now she is still undecided and wanted to focus on her studies instead.

6. Maxine Gutierrez- daughter of estranged celebrity couple Ramon Christopher Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon. She has captured the eyes of the netizens because of her looks but for now she don’t have plans in joining the show business.

7. Ara Dabao- daughter of Ricky Dabao and Jackie Lou Blanco’s. Her beauty has stunned the netizens and gain followers despite she’s not an actress.

The above list are just some of the beautiful daugthers of celebrity couples that might become an actress someday.

What can you say about these gorgeous ladies?

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