Girls Be Careful! Eyelash Extension Gone Wrong Leaving This Netizen In a Bad Condition

Some say that the beauty of a person can be seen if you look at them directly to their eyes. This might be a figurative speech but sometimes it is literally true. The eye is a great factor on how your face would look like. You can also look at the eye of the person if he is lying or not, happy or sad and other emotions because the lips might lie but the eyes would always say the truth.

It is natural for women to explore and take their looks to a new level by doing make-ups. The most intricate part of this is doing the eye makeup. Some women are having a hard time putting eye make-up such as the eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and sometimes eyelash extension. So many things to do that is why other women tend to have their eyeliner permanent with a tattoo and their eyelash extension by doing treatments.


But for some other girls who don’t have the luxury of going to the salon for eyelash extension treatment, they are buying eyelash extension and directly putting on top of their eyelashes using special glue. One netizen has shared her mishap after removing the eyelash extension he puts on her lashes.

She was about to remove the extension but the glue has made it hard for her to do the job. In addition to this, she felt an eye irritation that is why she rubbed her eyes and suddenly, the eyelash extension fall off. But as soon as she looks in the mirror, she was surprised to see that her lashes were gone!

“I didn’t know what happened, the glue is so firm that is why I couldn’t remove the false eyelash but then it just falls out together with my eyelashes when I rubbed my eyes”, said the netizen.

Other netizens who have seen this post were outrageous. They say that the women complaining about her post should have put some oil on her lashes before pulling off the fake eyelashes. While some have comforted her saying that it also happens to them.

With this news, let us always be careful in choosing and using products we will put on our face or else we will be sorry in the end.

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