Check Out the Most Beautiful Daughters of Celebrities Who are Not in Showbiz Industry

We know some famous celebrities in showbiz who have beautiful daughters but are not into showbusiness. Even though they are so darn-looking, they chose not to venture into show business.
Here are the top 10 beautiful daughters of Pinoy Celebrities who are not in Showbiz:

1. Claudia Barretto

Claudia Barretto is the second daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. Claudia is happy to be treading a different path compared to her sister, Julia and to the other members of the Barretto clan. She plans to pursue music rather than acting and being on showbiz industry. The singer who recently released her debut single, “Stay”, shared that she felt good doing something different from the rest of the Barretto family.

2. Juliana Gomez

Juliana is the only daughter of stars-turned-politicians Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez. According to Lucy, “she is so shy. She can dance, but she doesn’t want to. It isn’t her passion.

3. Jayda Avanzado

She’s the daughter of Jessa Zaragosa, a singer-actress and Dingdong Avanzado. She had a modeling stint at Yes Magazine and has the gift of singing just like her celebrity parent.

4. Sofia Gonzales Romualdez

She’s a daughter of Cristina Gonzales, a former actress and Tacloban City Mayor and Alfred Romualdez. Sofia is an aspiring singer and model and became more famous when she cursed Leni Robredo but she apologized afterward.

5. Alyssa Gibbs

Alyssa Gibbs is the first daughter of Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga. She and her sister Gabby are into fashion and modeling industry. Alyssa is currently into business as she co-founded Neo Islands and Gibbs Guide.

6. Dominique Cojuangco

Dominique is the only daughter of Gretchen Barretto and Antonio “TonyBoy” Cojuangco, a business tycoon. Dominique is one of the most followed non-showbiz celebrity daughters on Instagram with 519k followers.

7. Kaila Estrada

The 20-year-old daughter of John Estrada and Janice de Belen has broken free from the shadows of her ‘artista’ roots. Kaila is juggling a modeling career in one hand. She is currently a student of Arts Management from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

8. Leila Alcasid

Leila is the daughter of Ogie Alcasid and Michelle Van Eimeren. She decided to move from Australia, where she was born and raised, to chase her dreams of singing in the Philippines under her father’s guidance.

9. Cassy Legaspi

Twin daughter of Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi. She is a 15-year-old commercial model born in California and raised in Manila. Cassy and her twin brother, Mavy has been on a lot of Tv commercials ever since they were young, but they never chose to venture into the showbiz industry.

10. Ara Davao

She’s the gorgeous daughter of Ricky Davao and Jackie Lou Blanco. She is currently a student at the Ateneo de Manila University. She decided to pursue her studies first before making any plans for her showbiz career.

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